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Film Production


Providing production and professional support to production companies shooting in and out of Andorra.

Our experienced on film productions are perfectly positioned to produce and assist production companies from outside of Andorra on anything from broadcast commercials and corporate videos to tv or cinema movies, documentaries and feature films. 


We have provided the full range of production management services for local and overborder companies.

Whether you want a simple face-to-camera piece or a multi-location, multi-camera production, we can fulfil and surpass all of production filming requirements.


As one a leading film production company, we are experienced in delivering stunning film content across a wide variety of genres, languages and channels.

Aerial Photography & Filming

Experienced with all types of helicopter filming, our cameramen are adept at capturing stunning footage from the air.

Drone Filming

​Drone filming is an increasingly popular method for capturing small-scale aerial footage of buildings, urban environments and landscapes.


With our own drone, camera equipment and trained operators, we can shoot the best footage for your project.

Underwater Filming

Underwater sequences can add a cinematic edge to your film production.


We employ camera operators who are specially trained to capture these breathtaking sequences for any genre or style.

Interested To find out how we can help with your production,
call us on Andorra at +376 339 017
If you are in EEUU call us at +1(815) 312 0909
Let's Talk.​
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